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Health Tips

Household cleaners. Most general purpose cleaners (e.g., Windex, Formula 409) are fairly safe, but concentrated products like toilet bowl or drain cleaners can cause chemical burns.
 Dangerous item to Your Pet Over the counter cough, cold and allergy medications. Those that contain acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) are particularly toxic, as they damage red blood cells and cause liver failure. 

Alternative Health Care for Dogs

Nat –

Visits to the acupuncturist and the chiropractor aren’t just for humans anymore.  Interest in alternative health options for dogs has grown so much that the American Veterinary Medical Association now recognizes alternative medicine as…

Keep pets warm when it's cold outside

San Antonio Express (blog)

Puppies, kittens, sick pets and elderly pets can actually be in danger ... So my advice is, bring all your pets in the house over the next few days.

7 ways to keep more senior pets out of shelters

ChicagoNow (blog)

If you wander the corridors at an open admission shelter, you'll see the heartbreak up close... the senior pets that have spent a lifetime being

How to Safely and Effectively Give Meds to Pets

Luckily, there are tons of different ways you can “trick” your pet into taking their meds, whether they need them on a daily basis or just every ...

Let's Help Our Senior Dogs Live Longer

As our dogs get older, they need to be treated with extra care, attention and love.  While you might not have visited the Vet much in your dog's younger years, it's time to really start paying attention to your dog and his or her behavior.  Our older dogs don't bounce back like puppies and need that extra care in all aspects of their lives.

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Medical marijuana used to treat ailing pets

Regina Leader-Post- Garfield's owners are part of a growing movement of animal lovers looking at pot to treat pain in their sick and aging pets. Some are medical ...