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About Us

Pet lover we are living in a world where time seems to be more important and of course no one likes to waste it. It is because of this that online shopping has become so popular. Of course, time is not the only reason why pet supplies online shopping have become so popular. Another reason is that it allows you to get the items at lower prices. Say for instance if you are looking for dog grooming supplies by going online then you can compare the prices of the products you have been looking for. This can be difficult if you go to a local pet supply store. Internet shopping not only makes the process fast but it also permits you to save a lot on your pet supplies purchases.

This is why came about and would like to say "thank you" for entrusting in us with your Pet's needs in mind. We are based in San Antonio, Texas and are totally committed to providing you with the best discounted prices at a 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to provide a web-based pet supply store to you hassle free in the comfort of your home or business or leisure. We offer a wide selection of pet products anywhere from pet supplements, pet medication, dog bowls, pet treats, pet tank liners, aquariums, vitamins, cat supplies, pet toys, animal beddings, collars and leads, grooming aids and much, much more to meet anyone's budget and needs.

With over 15,000 brand name products to choose from with very feasible prices for big or small animals of any kind, we know that you will be very pleased with our service and our mission is to provide excellent service, value and integrity in what we provide and to keep you and your pet satisfied. Our primary focus is to make sure that you remain a happy customer and that you receive the best products and quality at the most reasonable prices.  We want to make "PetsGlobalSupply" your household name.

So, take PetsGlobalSupply anywhere and you will not be disappointed. Our pet products are available for you anytime and can be delivered nationwide. So, let us be your resource for your pet needs. Thank you again for shopping with Pets Global Supply. If you should have any questions or concerns, please submit your request to our contact us for a prompt response.